Cartoon Strike Press Kit

“All Games in One”. In Cartoon Strike, each map is inspired by a popular game.


"All Games in One". In Cartoon Strike, each map is inspired by a popular game. Players can enjoy a few minutes of fighting in the WWII, followed by a few minutes in the present, future or even Middle Ages. Aside from the default game modes (Team Deathmatch, FFA or Arms Race), players can experience the well-known Battle Royale mode.

Early Access version offers you:
- 7 maps
- 4 game modes
- Classes
- Leveling system
- Bonus boxes
- A number of skins, weapons and other accessories

What will be in version 1.0 ?
- New maps - War of robots, Wild west shooter and Community choice
- Cars and Tanks
- Conquest mode
- Achievements
- A Steam Workshop implementation
- An upgrade of the already available maps and functions.
- Bots
- And much more




Planet Khione – a snowy map from the future | size - small Tounine – WWII with Germans and British forces | size - small Dirt 2 – a map from the present with security forces vs ISIS | size - small Castle Gate – a medieval map with Knights fighting Vikings | size - middle Royale Island – a dangerous island with a Battle Royale mode | size - large Cartoonfield - a military conflict from the present | size - middle Download all screenshots or videos from Google Drive


* the game will be free to play

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Gametoria is a young game studio based in Brno, Czech Republic. We are currently working on games for PC and mobile platforms.


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